Micronized Flake Graphite

Micronized Flake Graphite

Great Lakes Graphite offers high quality micronized natural flake graphite products that are available in standard sizes, between 5 and 45 microns, or produced to your specifications. Our rigorous quality control insures that our products deliver the performance you need and the consistency you require, batch after batch.

For volume pricing and availability (over 100Kg’s), please call 1-800-754-4510 x-105.

For retail customers, please call  1-516-382-8649 or visit the Graphene Supermarket website.  

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Graphite is a form of carbon. What is unique about the carbon form of graphite is that the carbon atoms form incredibly strong bonds within a single atomic layer (or graphene), but maintain relatively weak bonds between atomic layers. It is these properties that make graphite useful for so many application areas, including: manufacturing, batteries and energy storage, transportation, power generation, defense electronics, medical devices, biotechnology.

Key graphite properties:

  • Thermal resistance 
  • Lubricity 
  • Electrical conductivity 
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Hydrophobic 
  • Radiation resistant

Product Series:  Micronized Flake Graphite


MG-4595 Micronized Flake Graphite, 45 micron, 96% carbon content
MG-2595 Micronized Flake Graphite, 25 micron, 96% carbon content
MG-1595 Micronized Flake Graphite, 15 micron, 96% carbon content
MG-1095 Micronized Flake Graphite, 10 micron, 96% carbon content

Specifications:  carbon content ~96%

Description: Great Lakes Graphite offers high quality micronized graphite products in standard configurations or produced to your specifications.  Our single source for high quality material and carefully designed production practices insure that you receive a consistent product that meets your requirements, order after order.

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Buying Our Products

For volume purchases, please call 1-800-754-4510 x-106.

For retail customers (1-50Kg) Great Lakes Graphite is now offering products for sale through the Graphene Supermarket. Please visit the Graphene Supermarket website to make retail purchases of our products or call 1-631-284-9983.  

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Weight 32 g
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in