Tasty Treats from the World Wide Web

January 23, 2017 – For marketers, there is no question that the Internet is a world wide web and one that delivers unbelievable capability and value, right to your desktop (or wherever you are), 7 by 24.  It’s a great analogy, an image of a spider’s web gives you a visual construct of a network.  Every intersection is a node and each node is connected to all of the others, directly or indirectly, through the network.

Your Internet presence is your spider web and the broader and more robust it can be made, the better it will be at snagging the tasty morsels you are seeking: customers, potential investors, partners…whatever your diet requires.

This morning I checked the web to see if we had snagged anything over the weekend.  Sure enough, the web had worked its magic and yielded up four new contacts.  Three had signed up for information of interest to investors: quarterly filings, newsletters and news releases.  The fourth contact was of our favorite variety, the product sample requestor!

Spin the web, bait the trap, then kick back and wait. Let nature take it’s course and before long you too will be enjoying tasty treats from the World Wide Web.