Tsunami No.1 by Seana Reilly


A few years ago I posted some thoughts on LinkedIn about “throwing pebbles in the pond“. The article reflects on how the Internet works to bridge the gap between people who are geographically distant.

Fast forward to today and the beat goes on. And this theme resurfaced over the weekend when I saw a comment that Seana Reilly made on her Facebook page about a piece of artwork she had recently completed and sold. “Tsunami No. 1”, is a 6 inch by 6 inch artwork made with graphite powder, her favored medium. The comment she made was “Waves rolling out into the world.”

Throw pebbles into the pond and a few years later, the waves return as little tsunamis. The symmetry of it is a thing of natural beauty.

The Internet provides the scale and flexibility to truly market one to one or to address audiences of thousands, all through the same keyboard and screen.

Marketers can cultivate brand ambassadors and build an army of devotees by connecting with the right people, providing them real value and then going above and beyond to show, not just tell, an unprecedented level of commitment.