Batteries Will Eat The World

November 17, 2016 – 

A brief report from Graphite Supply Chain 2016 in Newport Beach, California

Great Lakes Graphite was pleased to participate in the Graphite Supply Chain 2016 conference hosted by Simon Moore’s Benchmark Minerals Intelligence this week at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California. There were many truly excellent presentations that provided deep insights into several aspects of this market.

Key Insight:

Sam Jaffe’s “Batteries Will Eat The World” presentation was astonishing and provided strong evidence supporting Simon Moore’s view that graphite demand is set to dramatically increase over the next several years. The profound insight shared by Sam is that when you put a powerful enough battery into something, it changes the nature of that thing, how we use it and the entire demand dynamic for it.  Smartphones, cordless drills and electric vehicles are all examples of how adding a powerful battery to a device has had a transformative impact leading to a significant increase in demand.

Favorite Moment:

Stephen Riddle from Asbury Carbons gave a presentation which included the slide in the photo above. The slide shows a list of companies that are actively providing graphite to the North American market and is comprised of the major incumbents including Asbury Carbons, Superior Graphite and SGL Carbons. At the bottom of the list, but in the table nonetheless…Great Lakes Graphite. Favorite moment of the conference, hands down!