A New Look For The New Year

December 29, 2016

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to speak with a Great Lakes Graphite shareholder who works for an online furniture company. If you’ve even walked by a TV over the past few months, then you’ve seen their ads. Her company devotes an incredible amount of resources to their web technology and page design. My two key takeaways from that conversation were: 1) be inspiring, and 2) use high quality images.

So here we are, rolling in to the new year with a new look for our social media channels. The selected image shows the Great Lakes from above the earth. We see our place in the world, but from a global perspective. The world is an open landscape and there are no borders here. You can see through clear skies all the way to the horizon. Opportunity is calling!

2016 will soon be in the books while 2017 is pacing backstage, ready to make an entrance.

We are so grateful for a demanding but rewarding 2016 and are truly looking forward to a really great 2017!