Thomas Ukolowicz, Independent Director

Tom Ukolowicz is well known and respected in the world of corrosion-resistant process equipment, with an industry career spanning for over four decades. Most recently, Tom served as VP of Sales and Marketing for TITAN Metal Fabricators, one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of tantalum and reactive metals. He began designing and selling heat exchangers and process equipment, and gained tremendous experience in the realm of reactive metals while Product Manager with the Pfaudler Corporation in Rochester, New York. Tom subsequently became an expert in graphite heat exchangers as Marketing and Sales manager for the Heat Exchanger Division at Carborundum, then a division of British Petroleum.

In 1992, Tom joined Cosmos Minerals Corporation as Vice President of Sales & Marketing and relocated to California. Over the next several years, Tom spearheaded a four-fold increase in annual revenue surging into the tens of millions of dollars. Following Cosmos’ merger with Astro Metallurgical forming AstroCosmos, sales nearly doubled prior the company’s acquisition by France’s Group Carbone Loraine in 1998.

Following the purchase of AstroCosmos, Tom was recruited to the growing ranks at TITAN Metal Fabricators to head of Sales & Marketing. During the following years, TITAN grew and developed into a global leader in fabrication of corrosion-resistant process equipment, serving the chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, geothermal, nuclear and solar power, mining and metal finishing/plating industries. TITAN’s industry prominence lies in its exceptional engineering and fabrication of reactive metals, vast experience, proven capabilities and personalized customer service.

Tom also represents a group of investors that were the majority participants in a 2015 financing. His proven track record of building highly successful businesses and his background in manufacturing, sales and marketing and working with others to create multiple, large commercial enterprises are invaluable to Great Lakes Graphite. linked