Dr. Gershon Borovsky, Chief Science Officer

gershon-borovskyChief Science Officer Dr. Borovsky earned his Ph.D. in applied electrochemistry from the Institute of Electrochemistry, Academy of Sciences in Moscow and has worked as a professional electrochemist for the past few decades, specializing in the use of carbon materials for energy-related applications.

Dr. Borovsky is responsible for the Company’s research and development efforts and Quality Control. Our product development efforts are guided by his uniquely deep understanding of carbon materials and informed by Dr. Borovsky’s many years of working with customers to commercialize battery, fuel cell and energy storage technologies.

Dr. Borovsky completed his postdoctoral work under a grant from the British Coal Corporation on “Electrochemical Analysis of Coal-Derived Liquids”. His areas of expertise include production, development and testing of batteries, fuel cells and fuel cell stacks; materials and non-metal catalysts for fuel cells, electrochemical sensors, batteries and super-capacitors; engineering of electrodes and MEAs for fuel cells and stacks; testing and characterization of materials by electrochemical and analytical techniques.

In addition to these areas of expertise, Dr. Borovsky specializes in electrochemical and structural methods of analysis, including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), ISE, cyclic voltammetry, amperometric, potentiometric, BET, Hg and “Test” porosimetry.

Positions held by Dr. Borovsky include Senior Scientist for nanoMaterials Discovery Corporation where he worked on the development and production of liquid alkaline fuel cells and non-metal catalysts for the cathode processes; and as Senior Research Scientist for BCS Fuel Cells, Inc., performing research and development on the behavior of PEM fuel cells under sub-zero temperatures. linked

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