Graphite in the Arts and Sciences

We get requests from all over from people who are using graphite for all sorts of things. Most are fairly routine, but now and then we are called upon by a budding scientist needing graphite for a Science Fair project. When that happens we avail ourselves of the opportunity to make a contribution to the community and provide graphite samples along with some educational material about graphite and carbon. In this small way we are happy to have helped students across North America, from British Columbia to New Mexico.

We also do what we can for the arts. We have provided graphite powder to the Matheson Art Club in Ontario and a number of North American artists who are known for their work in graphite.

In the Fall of 2016, Great Lakes Graphite donated material for an art installation by Leigh-Ann Pahapill titled “The Interaction of Color | The Relativity of Form” at Warren Wilson College.

Carbon Insights

Graphite has likely been a medium for creative human expression for as long as people have been using it. Seana Reilly is a contemporary artist that has spent years working with graphite and producing some truly amazing results.

“My sources of inspiration can be found in the earth sciences, architecture, and Buddhist thought. Many of the same forces that shaped the earth, such as gravity and erosion, also shape my imagery. I am pouring or dragging a graphite preparation onto a flat surface and letting it spread across the substrate unimpeded. Laying down this graphite ground is an exercise in giving up control and letting nature take its course. My formal interventions into the work allude to human efforts to understand, classify, and both mentally and physically subdue nature.”  

We’re particularly inspired by these artists! Please visit their websites to see their work: Seana Reilly, Melissa Cooke, Stephanie Peters, Sherrie Pettigrew and Zach Kremer.