About Great Lakes Graphite

Great Lakes Graphite is a clean technology minerals processing company supplying customers with innovative, high quality value-added carbon products.

There is no significant graphite production in North America now. As pricing and demand continue to rise, Great Lakes Graphite is one of the first new domestic suppliers to a growing regional customer base. We continually work to ensure our products are of the very best quality and consistency, accompanied with outstanding customer service.

Our goals include the following:

  • Establish the Great Lakes Graphite brand in the upgraded graphite products market with North American customers.
  • Leverage partnerships to create a competitive and disruptive advantage.
  • Create a fast path to revenue and cash flow with synthetic and natural flake graphite products, enabled by long term supply agreements.

Our Approach

Great Lakes Graphite is focused on the manufacture, marketing and sales of graphite products to a growing base of regional customers. The Company entered the market in 2016 with synthetic graphite products, and is now offering micronized and purified natural flake graphite products. In preparation for entering these markets, the Company has been introducing and qualifying our products through an extensive customer sampling program, across a range of target industries and applications.

Great Lakes Graphite is committed to consistently providing the highest quality products possible through rigorous internal standards and practices, including designing ISO 9001 compliance into our operations, right from the start.

We work with each of our customers to understand the problem they are working to solve and bring our expertise to the table to find the right solution for them.  In situations where developing a customized solution is required, we will collaborate with you to design a product that delivers the performance you require.

Organizational Memberships

NY-BESTOntario Cleantech Materials Group